COVID @ Home

A collaborative guide to COVID-19 care

We really NEED HELP

If this seems like a slick and streamlined operation to you, you’re wrong. We’re a small group of volunteers, mostly without medical training, winging it because we feel this information is not in one place and needs to be really soon. As we write this we haven’t done much else for a week now, and we could really use help in the following areas:

Get the word out !

This is now one of the most important things you can do to help. Tweet about this website and mention it on Facebook, Instagram and wherever else you can think. If you are a journalist, could you maybe mention this website in print or broadcast media? If you are a YouTube influencer, could you maybe talk about this site? If you have any online marketing experience, could you maybe help us be found?


We can set up a site with a domain in your language in no time, and link it from the main English website. All you need to do is translate text in the editing interface of Github, which we can talk you through. We think the entire website as it is now (March 15, 2020) can be translated in two to three person-days. You don’t need to be a professional translator (but yay if you are). If your language is Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Polish or Russian, we can set up your site preloaded with computer-translated text that “only” needs to be fixed. (We use DeepL translator for this, which is quite a bit better than Google Translate; the texts will still need quite a bit of manual work, but it does save time versus doing it all by hand. If your language has formal and informal addressing (Sie/du, U/jij, …), we try to use the informal one, also to signify that this is a collaborative effort and that we are all in this together.

Wanna help? Yeah! Prevent double work: don’t start without talking to us. Please contact us right now by mailing or by directly joining the team video-conference. (We try to be there when we work on the site. If we’re not there, please be polite to whoever else joins.)

(If you can provide a number of useful local links in your region with the translation, even better.)

Content help

Blessed be if you are a doctor, a nurse, or a public health official. We hope our work contributes to making your job a little easier in the months to come. Please read through the site and tell us if you have any remarks. But this goes for anyone else that has things to add as well. Please either file an issue, or join the team video-conference if you want to talk to us.


We guarantee there will be plenty of typos, failed sentences and worse. Please briefly file an issue and we’ll fix it.

Alternative medicine

If you would like to help us with hints and tips for medicine that is not proven according to peer-reviewed publications and/or not proven to be very very safe, then thank you but no thank you. Please don’t take offense but covid-at-home stands proudly with science on this one.