COVID @ Home

A collaborative guide to COVID-19 care

Make your own mask

To make this mask, you wil need:

Step 1: Print template and cut it out

Click on the image below to download the PDF. Print it and cut out along the thick black line.

Step 2: cut out the squares

Cut two squares the size of the template, and use the scissors to make small cuts where the cut marks on the template are to mark where the folds will be.


Step 3: Stitch squares together

Put the squares on top of eachother with the nice-looking printed sides facing eachother, using the pins to fix them im place. Then stitch along the lines marked with red dotted lines in the photo. After both sides are done turn inside out so the pretty sides face out and the ragged edges on top and bottom are hidden.


Step 4: Fold

Fold over where the first cut is and iron the fold. then fold the other way and iron the second fold. Continue until you have it like in the rightmost photo. Then put that folded stack aside.


Step 5: Prepare the straps

Cut two strips of fabric, each 5 cm (2”) wide and 90 cm (35”) long. Fold each one down the middle and iron the fold. Then fold open again and fold each side to the middle and iron the folds again. (You can also use a ribbon, as long as it can also be boiled/ironed to sterilize.)


Step 6: Attach the straps

Insert the folded mask into the fold of a strap and stitch strap and mask together. Stitch the entire length of the strap. Repeat with other strap on other side of mask.


Step 7: Done

Make sure you boil the mask or iron it very hot to sterilize it. Make a few and change your mask if it gets wet. Take off and boil/re-iron after a day’s use, without touching the outside.



It is commonly assumed to be Good Thing™ if everyone were to wear some kind of mask, even if professional quality masks are unavailable. These instructions are for an improvised mask. Such a mask cannot ever prevent infections to the same extent that a real medical mask can. You make and wear this mask at your own risk, accepts no responsibility for any negative consequences (including grave bodily harm or death) to you or others that may result from using this mask. Use of a mask (any mask) does not imply you do not have to follow other rules anymore.


Mask and photos: Hanka Marvan
Layout: Rop Gonggrijp